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S&B Nice Foods Valley Ltd. a widely diversified food products company from Bangladesh is an acknowledged frontrunner in both food retailing and food services industry. Established as an enterprise by some talented director, a passionate food enthusiast, the company has today metamorphosed into a huge food products conglomerate with a factory at Bangladesh. Its Zafran Brand delighted the customers over the country.

The Company has been constantly setting benchmarks in the food processing industry through its incomparable products, innovative flavors and fillings, certified production facilities, consistent quality and unmatched expertise. This coupled with the company’s commitment to healthy eating has enabled it to emerge as a preferred consumer brand and a one of them supplier to Bangladesh and abroad.

Our main focus is to provide consumers with authentic products of highest quality, while making a difference in the lives of our shareholders, consumers, business partners, employees and the community as well.

What has enabled S&B Nice Foods Valley Ltd. to achieve a steady growth is an unwavering commitment to the values of excellence, innovation, reliability, growth, fairness and good citizenship.